Alpine Wedding Chapel

Booking Information Sheet



(1)  To set up a ceremony, first call us at 1-800-873-9351 to determine availability.  (2)  Secondly, arrange for paying your deposit by VISA, MasterCard, check, money order, or cash.  The deposit is listed in #6 below.  If you choose to mail your deposit, mail a check to the address below.  (3)  Finally, completely fill out and mail this Booking Information Sheet to complete your reservation.  A written receipt will be in return mail for your records.


1.  Groom  __________________________           2. Bride  __________________________


     Address  _________________________               Address  ________________________


                    _________________________                          __________________________


     Phone(s) _________________________                Phone(s) ________________________


3.  Date of Ceremony  _________________                Time of Ceremony  ________________


4.  Little Chapel  ___________     Garden Room  __________     Chapel  ____________


5.  Reception (Yes or No)  _____________


6.  Wedding Package of Choice:


     Pkg. #0 ___      Pkg. #1 ___     Pkg. #2 ___     Pkg. #3 ___     Pkg. #4 ___      Pkg. #5 ___      Pkg. #6 ___

     Cost $295         Cost $395        Cost $495       Cost $595        Cost $695       Cost $1095       Cost $1495

     Deposit $100     Deposit $100   Deposit $100   Deposit $100   Deposit $100    Deposit $300      Deposit$300


7.  Balance After Deposit  ______________


8.  Approximate Number of Guests  __________        Number/Type of Attendants  _______



[No attendants are allowed in Package 0 or Package 1 in the Little Chapel.  A maximum of 3 attendants is allowed in the Little Chapel for Package #2 and in the Garden Room for Packages #3 and #5.A maximum of 5 attendants is allowed in the Chapel for Packages #4 and #6. Examples of attendants are father of the bride, bridesmaids, maid of honor, best man, groomsmen, ushers, ring bearer, flower girl, etc. Do not arrive with more attendants than allowed for the site you have chosen. If you chose to have more attendants than the number of attendants allowed, $50 per attendant will be charged for each attendant over the number allowed. Prior approval must be obtained for extra attendants over the number of attendants allowed.]


9.  Other Information  ________________________________________


I have read and understand information in the brochure, the Services and Prices, FAQs, the Policies (including Refund Policies and Policies concerning Attendants), of the Alpine Wedding Chapel.  To the best of my knowledge, all the information given above is honest & correct.


      ________________________________________                ________________________

      Signature                                                                                  Date       


Alpine Wedding Chapel, P.O. Box 1343, Helen, Ga. 30545